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Basic Steps for Troubleshooting A Low Performing Site

Even people who have reached the highest level of success (both online and off) cannot boast a perfect business record. Not every pitch you swing at is going to result in a home run--it's normal. But there is a major difference between these people and the people who are still struggling to create a full time income on the Internet. When something is obviously malfunctioning, however, it is important to take steps so that you will be able to very quickly figure out and diagnose the problems so that you can take action. There is a major difference here and it does take time, know-how and experience to reach this point. But it's possible and if you want it badly enough you'll get there.


Anybody that has a website should have this information. They can use it in a scientific way to determine what they need to do next to improve their site's performance. You will first find all the pages that are performing better than others. Or, at least they are getting more traffic for some reason. Take the primary keyword phrase for the best performing page, and find out what's going on. Once you have researched, you will find additional keywords and phrases that relate to the primary page phrase itself. You need to build on all of these possible ways to expand that one phrase to bring in more traffic. This can be accomplished by using the URL rotator script. This is a software script that contains PHP and it is quite simple to use. Then once set up and ready for action, you can just hit refresh and watch the pages alternately display. If you want to use A/B split testing, you will have to use a rotator script. You have the option to get the free ones or you can buy the ones that will give you more choices. Whichever one you choose, just be sure you begin testing in this way in your marketing funnel. This kind of simple testing can totally transform your business and make it more profitable.


You want to create two pages that are the same in every respect except for the two titles. The titles might be different, but one might do other than the other with customers. This is the type of information that you need to know if you want your business to succeed. Squeeze pages are great for split testing because you can seriously up your conversions. This might be the one true way that you can go about doing this. You have to drive traffic to the page for testing and then track the stats. If you have a large sample, the probably of getting accurate results should be much better. Some processes are simply necessary components to all of the other things you do with your marketing. Research is one of them, and it is probably one of the most important supporting tasks in your IM business. Some love to do it and others hate to do it and still others just accept that it is part of the process even if they don't enjoy it. But that is part and parcel of the territory with any web business. However, if you see the real value that research brings to the table, then may you will appreciate it more. Learn why split testing is now a nobrainer for online marketing campaigns:


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Rock Your Keyword Search With These Solid Tactics

It pays to get to know people who do various kinds of online marketing. In this way, you will be able to gain knowledge from those with experience to pass along to you. You could be creative and check a variety of resources for information yourself. You ought to give this a try if you have not done it before. We will be offering a few tactics that may be of use to you in your hunt for ways to locate and use keywords.

Given the large number of keywords and phrases that exist, even given an entire lifetime you would not see the majority of them. It is like the total sum is dark matter in space and basically hidden from view. When we search for keywords via software, we actually are seeing only a little bit of them. Some people have had tremendous success by using keyword phrases that they make up for whatever it is they are marketing. You might pick something and try to figure out several alternate descriptions and how you would go about searching for them. There are tons of internet marketers who opt for this choice and find their business prospering as a result.


When you do this the right way from the start you'll avoid attracting the wrong audience with the keywords you've selected. For example, a person might want to buy something but is not quite ready to do it. They are window shopping and checking out prices and features. Since this is an audience that isn't yet ready to buy, the best sales letter in the world is simply wasted effort on your part. The details are what they're after for the time being. Buying decisions come at a later stage in the process. If you want an audience that's ready to buy then you need to be chasing down the "buy" trigger keywords.

Think about how you can improve your on-site linking regardless of having a blog or not. So just remember that the same principles apply to non-blog sites as they do to blogs for this. Related content links in your main content, at the bottom of it or at the bottom of the overall page are great. One other very important point about this is to always use relevant anchor text for your links. You can even just do this on some of your pages and see what kind of results you get.


There is quite a lot more that you can do to help your local business raise in the ranks of the search engines. If you're new (and chances are high that you are) the smart thing to do is to learn about how to do things on your own. It is really not necessary to pay online marketing consultants a lot of money to do this for you because it is pretty easy.

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