Online Marketing Strategies: How To Make More Money With Adsense

Online Marketing Strategies: How To Make More Money With Adsense


Probably the best (at least easiest) way to monetize your blog or website is using the Google Adsense system. There are many other monetization portals, but this one is the most popular. Website owners across the globe can thank this system for generating online leads and sometimes even a full-time income, regardless of who they are. You can make money with this system. Some make more, others less. There are many steps to making money with the system, many of which will make you more each month that you do the work. In this article we will teach some of those steps to you.

Your website or blog should have suitable content for Adsense. For instance, almost every type of site can be used with Adsense ads. However, some websites, and the content, makes it possible to earn more money than others. If you have a blog on commodities or the stock market, even gaming, you stand to earn quite a bit. Anything scientific tends to earn less. For unknown reasons, certain blogs with certain content will attract people that like to click on Adsense ads. Others will not. It is a great mystery. Earning money on the Internet using Adsense is all about positioning your ads on websites where you know you will get clicks. Also, don't waste your time on websites that will not earn that much money. You need to consider your audience when choosing a proper ad format. Image ads, or text ads - these are the choices you have when choosing a Google Adsense ad. For the most part people tend to click on ads that feature images more than they click on simple text ads. Some audiences may not be receptive to random images appearing on your site. If this is true, stick to the text-based ads instead. Depending upon who reads your blog or website, you need to make this subjective discernment on your own. The problem is that Google is not going to be aware of your specific audience and will post images that they may not like.

Work hard to create backlinks for your site. Your website's page ranking (PR ranking) on Google is primarily based upon quality backlinks. So if you can get a lot of backlinks, Google Adsense will reward you with giving you more money per click. Your ads will make more money per click because Google will interpret backlinks as proof that people like your content. So do everything you can to bring in more backlinks. People that link to your site may not if you add too many Google Adsense ads. This is a huge turnoff for them for a variety of reasons. If you put your ads in the right spots, you can actually increase your revenue.

So if you have a website, you're ready to start making online residual income.


A very popular, and easy way, to begin making online revenue is through web advertising using Google Adsense ads on your website. It doesn't matter what kind of website that you have, you can place these ads on your site and start making money. People that are using the Adsense program, working just a few hours a week, make a full-time income. Take your first steps toward financial freedom by utilizing the tricks and tips in this article.

Going Beyond Adsense - Alternatives To Google When Monetizing Your Site

Most people that want to monetize their website or blog use Adsense from Google. This might be what you do as well. It's okay if you do, everybody does. This is because the system is one that works well and, when utilized properly, can earn you quite a lot of money. However, if you want to make money with your website, you are by no means limited to these options. There are many more available. Most people like to branch out, trying different monetization methods and advertising networks. In this article we will share a few of those Google Adsense alternatives with you.


You can find many sites that use Kontera because they are very established and they are not Google. You can do well with them, but they are strict criteria for acceptance, and your site needs to be established, etc. What will happen is your text will be converted to little ads that popup. As should be obvious, those little pop up boxes are links that you can click on, etc. This might seem annoying but it is one of the best paying monetization companies online. One company that is not a household name is Clicksor, but they are definitely giving Adsense a run for their money. Do not overlook the fact that they offer a generous 85% to publishers. What's better is that the advertisers pay enough for the space that you still have the chance of earning quite a nice income through the system. One other really cool thing about them is they are not so tightly wound like Google. Clicksor requires that you place their code in only one place on a page, though.


Smowtion Ads are often listed on "top ten Google Adsense alternatives" lists so we would be remiss if we didn't mention them here. This company provides you with well designed ads (banner or display) that work very well on many blogs. Network websites and other types of sites have other options available to them that are more fitting to what the sites' primary functions are. This company even issues ATM cards, which is unusual for advertising networks and makes it easy to manage your account. Some companies don't give you payments until your earnings reach a certain point, but with this one you have immediate access to your funds. There is more to website monetization than Google Adsense. As a website owner, you should look into all of the opportunities out there, which extend far beyond Google. We've shown you three Google Adsense alternatives in this article. There are actually quite a few advertising networks that will be glad to work with you and help you make your site more profitable.

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